February 16, 2020

Finally, after 5 months, Patsy had TWINS!

She spent most of the day very agitated.  When women are getting ready to give birth, they do what is called nesting.  Organizing, cleaning, etc.  Well, that was my day yesterday.  I was like a speed demon running around organizing my house.  While I was doing this, Patsy was making space in the stall and moving the hay so she had a place to birth.

Casper (our Abruzzese Maremmano sheep/goat guard dog) was pacing as was Billy, the father of the kids.  At around 4 pm I saw that Patsy was starting to moan more and I could see the hairs on her back rise and fall.  Almost time!  At around 5 pm, my daughter called out to me that she thought she saw a baby, so we ran downstairs, I grabbed some clean towels and went to the stall only to find 2 babies.  Patsy was cleaning one, so I helped a little with the second.  Then we let Casper in (I was hesitant at first since this was something new for all of them). He, in his infinite wisdom (natural instinct for this type of dog), began cleaning them and then when he finished, cleaned the area of the stall that was covered in birth liquids.

Babies got up on all 4 legs within 5 minutes.  Mom and Casper continued to clean and snuggle them.  Billy in the meantime was literally jumping for joy.  He looked like a baby goat, jumping up and down.  Gina (our other pregnant goat) looked more shocked than anything else.

After an hour or so, Patsy passed the placentas which she and Casper ate immediately.  This is very important as we have wolves in the mountain, and they can smell the placenta up to 3 km away!

Here is a quick video on our You Tube Channel

So today was a great day.  Now we wait on Gina.


February 17, 2020

Bagel getting cuddles from Casper:



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